Wednesday, July 16, 2003

NO ROCK REVIEW, TWO: Becky Bamboo and Placebo...

Well, Placebo have totally redeemed themselves. Playing in front of a sold out crowd at Slimís, they banished all memories of the wasted, out-of-tune mess of a show they put on last time they visited San Francisco. It was one of those hot, sweaty, crowded shows where at least three people are touching your ass at any given moment and you honestly donít care because youíre all jumping around and singing along and grinning madly. There was, of course, the obligatory obnoxious drunk girl in front of me who would lean so far back at the waist I felt like her dental hygienist (ìOkay, now rinse and spit!î). I put my purse in between us as a barrier so it would get dry-humped and not me. She eventually moved to go annoy another segment of the crowd. Brian was looking exceptionally sexy with his new short hairdo and a sleeveless black t-shirt and weird acid wash jeans. Stefan had on a half buttoned black shirt and jeans and danced around like a man who knew he was getting laid that night. Steve wasnít wearing a shirtÖ mmmhmm. The songs were mostly drawn from the new album, with only a few from _Black Market Music_ (thank goodness) and a few from _WYIN_. No ìNancy Boyî, but ìAshtray Girlî rocked enough to satisfy me. It was a really short show ñ only an hour and 15 minutes but they promised theyíd be back this winter. Pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I remember to take my film to the grocery store.

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