Saturday, July 19, 2003

QUICK, WITH THE TIPP-EX: While Jackson Browne can quite legitmately state that he never slapped Darryl Hannah about - Santa Monica Police investiagted and found the allegations to be baseless - we're a little concerned that he's taking action to stop TV shows even mentioning the allegations were made. So long as it's made perfectly clear that he was cleared, we're not sure why the singer is upset at the mere mention of the event. It's not like it's not already in the public realm, and we'd have thought that a clear rejection of the allegation would be better than just pretending that it never happened. And while we're not saying that it should be brought into any program about John F Kennedy Jr, Darryl or Jackson, forcing TV shows to start deleting accurate parts of stories just because they don't show you in the best light would seem to be part of a dangerous way to behave.

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