Saturday, July 19, 2003

THEY'LL SAVE A LOT ON THE CLOTHING MATERIALS, THEN: Shrewd decision by Mattel, who are sponsoring Christina Aguilera's tour in the name of Barbie. The main worry is that the plastic bimbo-doll might be outraged at being associated with Christina, of course, but it seems like Mattel is trying to - ahem - slut the doll's image up to compete with the Bratz range: "Mattel is sponsoring this summer's tour of singer Christina Aguilera to promote the six dolls, which come in different heights and sport attire such as tube tops and mini-skirts." The Flavas range is aimed at kids up to the age of ten. We're a little queasy about a marketing department that thinks that Christina Aguilera should be considered an eight-to-ten-year-old's style of popstar. We'd be a bit scared if our imaginary eight year old was aspiring to be Dirrty.

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