Tuesday, July 15, 2003

WAH KID: It's always a pleasure to hear from erstwhile No Rock next-door neighbour (true) pete wylie, and in the new (first) Wah newsletter he's not only sounding positive, but also plotting a comeback:

first off,apologies for my comparative absence from the stage,the airwaves,the website and your rich and beautiful lives!
[...]meanwhile,there's a lot of theoretical hard work going on in the background .and before too long it should result in a powerful base for the foreseeable,and guarantee some longevity and more consistent activity from yours truly...
amid the big plans,there are the obvious practicalities,like the daily battle wit' the dollar.
i'm skint!
as some of you know,I've never made money from royalties[recording or publishing],as I've NEVER recouped the advances[the money companies pay up front and the costs of recording etc.]
in fact i worked out that in terms of money i owe the music biz,I'm a minus millionaire![and that was before 'songs of strength and heartbreak'...]
in the past I've had a managers/agents/accountants/ recording deals/publishing deals.not anymore.
so I'm tryna get that sorted.in the meantime,it's all down to me-and some of you can imagine how thrilling that i can be![oh,the irony...]
but I'm not moaning,not a bit.
there are lot's of cool things concomitant,and i love the freedom,though the odd deadline wouldn't kill me.
And i have got the website!
I'm writing countless songs for Pete sounds',getting down rough demos at disgraceland,and tryna work out how I'm gonna record the masters etc.
and then what to do with them-you know,do a deal,do it myself,lock it in a deep dark well.
but it ain't much like the story so far,so be prepared for a[hopefully pleasant]surprise.
And I'm gonna make sure that some of the website regulars hear them first!
we've got a plan or nine for the live shows,and we're hoping that happens before too long.
hoping for a band tour,and I've been talking to mates around these parts including keith o'neil from cast and martin campbell from richard ashcroft's current band about the possibility of us doing something together
once again if you're registered at www.petewylie.com,you'll get all the news before anyone else
and discussions are afoot for a WAH!WEEKEND,possibly october,and all details for the website wonders asap
I'm also looking into ways to generally'raise the profile' of the mighty wah!
-just the odd jolt to remind people in the big wide world that there were some great moments in the back catalogue.
maybe robbie or ronan will discover wah! covers,and i can cancel my lottery tickets...
I'm gonna start doing more production,hopefully starting with the Crescent[of whom more soon] and ending with elvis 2010!
and I'm looking at a bunch of cool collaborations,but no definites yet...except wth my longtime chum yorkie from fine liverpool pop beauties 'Space'
I'm knocking together my internal heads to try and get them to collaborate on an auto biographical memwah! [any takers?anyone know where i was between 1983 and 1998?]
I'm even talkin about doing a club!
but we'll see...
and once the new football season starts,all this will be forgotten!
anyway,hope all's well with y'all
don't forget to register at www.petewylie.com for all the exclusives-there are great plans for upgrading the website soon,so join now!!!

There's a whole city full of chancers round here, but we've always had a lot time for Pete, a man who's managed to keep up a profile despite fate hitting him over and over with the garden rake of misfortune.

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