Friday, September 26, 2003

AND AL GORE INVENTED THE INTERNET...: Pinched from Media Monkey:

It was the most touching reunion since Les Dennis got back together with Amanda Holden. That's right, down wi' da kids DJ "Tim" Westwood interviewed by his one-time Radio 1 boss and now king of late night 5 Live chat, Matthew Bannister. "I don't want to big myself up," said Westwood (forgive us if we paraphrase a little here) in a debate about last night's Mobo awards, "but I discovered Eminem and 50 Cent." Bannister, who sounded like he was having far too much fun, replied: "Well, it sounds like you're bigging yourself up just a little bit there." In a damning indictment of his street credentials, Westwood signed off by telling his 5 Live host: "I'm a big fan of the show, man." Westwood listening to late night 5 Live? Next he'll be telling us he listens in bed with a cup of cocoa and the latest copy of Reader's Digest. Say it ain't so, bro, say it ain't so....

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