Monday, September 08, 2003

THE DRUGS DON'T WORK. NOT LIKE THAT, ANYWAY: You might recall a year ago there was a massive panic about the designer dance drug ravers ecstasy E, when a bunch of scientists published a paper claiming that even a single pill could leave the user with brain damage and trigger the onset of Parkinson's disease. Well, the scientists are now saying 'sorry, we got it wrong - E isn't (that) dangerous after all. Science, the journal which published the wrong findings in the first place is going to publish a retraction, but what it can't take back, of course, is the knock on-effects the flawed research had - twelve months of calls for bans on raves, extra sticks to beat young people with, and so on.

It's not clear yet if there's any truth in the claims they screwed up the original report because they based it entirely on close study of Bez.

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