Saturday, September 13, 2003

FUN. AND LOVING: Gary went to the Liverpool Academy to see the FLC:

The night kicked off on a slightly surreal note with a gentleman known as Super Bad Brad busking outside the venue with a ghetto blaster and megaphone singing a collection of classic easy listening tunes! Once inside, The Lovegods got the crowd going with a set of beautifully dirty rock & roll tunes, played with a twist. The Lovegods' singer was a sight to behold and her vocal range was awesome. This was followed by one of the biggest cheers of the night as Super Bad Brad and his ghetto blaster made an onstage appearance for two songs. After Brad was dragged off by one of the roadcrew, DJ Matteo upped the heat by spinning some tunes. He stayed onstage the entire night and when he wasn't on the decks he was behind the bar, which had been erected at the back of the stage, mixing cocktails. He was joined for a drink by sundry members of the support band during the Criminals set.

The Criminals got a loud reception when they walked onstage, promptly kicking into a song from the latest album. Huey, Fast and (new drummer) Spike kicked up a storm with a collection of tunes nicely balanced between stuff from the new record and the old stuff. Obviously, as they were promoting the new album, not as many of the old classics were played as on last years Greatest Hits tour, but Scooby Snacks, Fun Lovin' Criminal, Smoke 'Em and King Of New York all got an airing. They played the classics brilliantly, the new stuff was great.........quite simply a fuckin' top night.

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