Thursday, September 04, 2003

HOW MUCH CAN YOU MILK A KISS?: I've seen suckling goats in seige cities that get less milked than the Britney-Maddy snog-up, you know, and we're reluctant to add to the furore (again), but we couldn't help thinking how much more it would have meant if they'd arranged it so that Madonna had made Britney and Christina snog instead. But maybe we're just desperately in need of some sort of 'action'. It's also interesting how the whole incident is being viewed through different prisms according to where you prefrences lay - Britney fans (amongst which, if we had to sign a sheet, we'd probably number ourselves) seeing it as a token of affection and appreciation by the younger artist for her inspiration, while Christina was just tail-gating; Christina fans - once they'd put some cooling ice on their elbow and wiped down the TV screen - commented that, hey, Xtina is up for anything but wasn't that Britney a bit false. While Madonna fans? They seem to be nodding going "well, it's a cynical move, of course, but it seems to have worked."

Meanwhile, Britney claims the kiss 'wasn't rehearsed' and says it's the first time she's ever kissed a woman (although surely pretty Justin Timberlake comes close?), "and I hadn't kissed anyone in a long time, so that should last me for a while." Yes, we dare say if Madonna had touched us with her mouth we'd feel physically incapable of kissing anyone again for a long time, too.

Somehow, this online chance for the whole world to shoulder in on the act and kiss Britney doesn't quite live up to the promise. Not only did she not even show a flicker of interest, as far as I can tell we've not made a single front page.

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