Tuesday, September 09, 2003

JUDGE WORKS OUT FRUSTRATION OVER POP STARS: We're sad, of course, that Pete Doherty has been sent down for six months following his burgarising of Carl Libertine's flat. But we can't help feeling that the judge wasn't as disinterested as he should have been. While Pete's solicitor was asking for a community sentence to allow his client to get some drugs help, the judge cut in with "He probably was suddenly earning too much money for his age and began behaving irresponsibly. Unlike most of us who have to study and work hard, they suddenly acquire wealth." We're not sure if the Judge, Roger Davies, then burst into "see that little faggot in the tutu and the make-up/ that little faggot's a millionaire", but he does seem to have listened too closely to Money For Nothing, don't you think? While not condoning Doherty's behaviour - kicking in your mate's door and pinching his stuff is as sucky as kicking your mate out your band - was the sentence for the burglary or for having a job that didn't mean he had to slog out years in some solicitor's officer in Bushey or somewhere?

it's not the first time Roger Davies has caused a storm. Or the second, or... He's the judge who told a Romanian woman to go and tell her friends that they'd go to prison if they appeared in front of him. He once told a Turkish man that people born outside the United Kingdom had no right to protest here. In 2000, he surprised many by refusing to allow two defendants to use their homes as bail surety, sending them to prison instead while awaiting trial. One of the defendants in that case was Kenyan-born.

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