Tuesday, September 30, 2003

'LACK OF EXPERIENCE' ONLY LACK: Capital might say that Johnny Vaughan's not having presented a radio show isn't a problem for his new programme for them - indeed, it's hard to see why this would be a problem anyway; doesn't everyone have to start somewhere? - but it's not actually true, is it? We can remember way back - probably when he was still co-presenting Naked City with Caitlin Moran - travelling through London by coach one Sunday morning and hearing him presenting a show on, we think, GLR (as it then would have been). He may well have been sitting in for someone else, but he made a pretty good hand of it, technically. Whether he's going to revive the feature, which lives with us to this day, where he'd encourage people to call in if they were having a post-curry shit that was uncomfortable (theme tune: Ring of Fire) is anyone's guess. London, can you wait?

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