Friday, September 05, 2003

LETTERS ABOUT LETTERS: Thanks to Karl for this:

There's a special section on the letters page in today's (as in Thursday's) edition of USA Today headed 'Madonna can kiss career goodbye' (OK, it's not that special - but three people have written in and it gives the paper another chance to reprint the photo)...  One scribe points out that Madonna's "recent CD could have done better, and now she looks desperate to be on top of the charts, where she has not been for years.  She's an embarrassment to her generation."  Meanwhile, another letter is more concerned about USA Today's front-page photo and its effects on her 10-year-old daughter.  She says "As for my family, we'll discuss why same-sex kissing, like what was shown on MTV, is wrong, and we'll discontinue reading publications that highlight or promote such behavior."
Slightly more interesting is the fact that "Cheaper CDs on the way" made it onto the front page.  But then again, so did the results of a study into how many lobsters were caught by the end of August in Maine.

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