Sunday, September 07, 2003

MAN LIES ABOUT SEXUAL ABILITY SHOCK: We'd always wondered how Sting and Trudi managed to have eight-hour sex sessions - I mean, after all, how could anyone spend more than about ten minutes with a naked Sting without recalling a pressing need to go and take some clothes to the dry cleaners, or any other plausible sounding appointment? Now it turns out that - oh, never - the Eight Hours claim was an idle drunken boast made by Sting that came back to haunt him. It's funny that it is the Thing Everyone Knows About Sting and it isn't true. What's also funny is that he made it up to impress Bob Geldof. A man whose main sexual life was shared with Paula Yates doesn't need eight hour sex session tales to impress him - claiming they occasionaly washed the sheets would probably have blown him away.

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