Tuesday, September 23, 2003

NO, WE JUST REALISED THEY WERE ILLEGAL: What on earth could have prompted the record companies to suddenly get irate about iMesh and launch a legal bid to close down the number three file sharing network. You might have thought that the RIAA had come to see that the legal alternative uses of file sharing and the lack of any central files being held (in the way Napster did) made attempts to sue the conduits an expensive, tricky and ultimately pointless business. And yet, here we are with them suddenly deciding to launch an attack on iMesh. Curious. Could it be in any way related to iMesh's recent announcement about its plans for paid-for content - on an innovative 'try before you buy' model - which would potentially mean that the company could become a major competitor to the labels? And bringing a suit against the company while it starts up its legitimate business - however doomed to fail it would be - is an excellent method of crushing it before it has a chance to develop? No, of course not - the record labels don't work like that.

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