Tuesday, September 09, 2003

TOO COMPLICATED: We're finding it hard to believe that Complicated by Avril really was the 10 millionth track downloaded from iTunes, and suspect that had deals been done differently we could have heard that it was Blink 182 or Sting, or whoever else fancied the title. Meanwhile, Apple are trying to claim that the concept of selling on an iTunes track through eBay while not stricly illegal is just too complicated to let happen - this in the wake of Ebay pulling an auction put up by George Hotelling to test exactly where the law stood on this. His point is if you buy a CD, you can sell it. If you buy a track through iTunes, shouldn't you have the same rights? Apple's response doesn't seem very helpful - "too difficult" is no excuse. It seems we've just lost another little bit of our rights, and again we can't do anything about it.

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