Thursday, October 02, 2003

COMES UP PEANUTS, SLICE AFTER SLICE: We're delighted that Puff Daddy, or P Diddy-man or whatever, is going to run the New York Marathon, cementing his position as the rap Jimmy Saville. What's curious, though, is he's doing it for the kids, planning to raise a third of a million dollars for New York schools - we think he's asking for sponsorship on the basis of the number of bullets he dodges during the 26 mile run. Not unreasonably, he's saying "if i give all this money to the school system, I want it spent on books and computers," which has prompted Mayor Bloomberg to sniff "You can't go and take gifts with strings on them if they're very small; if they're very large you look to see whether the strings are acceptable and consistent with our principles." Which leads us to wonder: when he sold the entire school system to Snapple as a pot to piss in, what did their USD106m buy them, exactly?

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