Wednesday, October 15, 2003

GO-GO GO KART: They admit it's a stunt, but the 80 000 hits in one second suggests Go kart has never had publicity before to match it's screw the RIAA download frenzy. What's curious is that the RIAA spokesnake's response was to say that the "It's having the choice [to offer free downloads] that's most important, and that's what we're fighting for." You could have fooled me - especially since RIAA members have been found guilty of price-fixing; I've never had the impression in the last couple of years that their aim was to ensure people could choose to give it away - else why would they have worked so much to try and close down the P2P networks, which meant that acts who did want to bypass the RIAA cartel wouldn't have had a platform to do it on?

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