Friday, October 17, 2003

HERE COMES BOGSHED: New York London Paris Munich suggests that we're in for a revival of the C86 stylings of the shamblers, which is excellent news - if only for the sweet joy of watching Primal Scream rejiggling their greatest hits package to include the stuff from the first two albums and trying to supress any claims that was ever any dance element to their music. Apparently, it's called retrogressive rock now - which makes me feel like I'm the bloody Ian Duncan Smith of music wanting to see it all come flooding back.

NYLPM also suggests that the Sarah organisation has spread itself far and wide through the fabric of British life, suggesting there's sleeper cells of Orchids and Tramway members holding down respectable jobs, waiting for the signal (we're guessing 'Summershine' being played in place of the 'Radio 4 UK Theme' one morning) whereupon they'll rise up, waving copies of photocopied manifestos and shooting collaborators in the CD wars on sight. We've still got our Are You Scared To Get Happys stored (of course) in a "Box marked 'box'" - we'll be fine...

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