Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I'M YOUR MAN: So, Britney reckons she was the 'man' in the relationship with Justin, does she? And yet she claims she only shagged him - after three years - because she thought they were going to get married. That doesn't really sound very bloke-like to me, Britney. You don't see tear-filled eyes down the Hammer and Tongs as builders let loose the wail with a shaking sob: "I slept with her last now... and now she's saying she doesn't want to marry me at all. It was a ruse! All a ruse!"

Or maybe she just means she fucked him with a strap-on.

In the same ananova report we've linked to, they use the phrase "limpbizkit, the band formerly known as Limp Bizkit" - something I'd not heard before. Has Fred Durst really changed the name of his band simply by punctuating it badly? This is splendid news. We look forward to the announcement of his re-branding as freddur's T.

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