Friday, October 03, 2003

IS THIS THE RIGHT TUNE?: If anywhere was going to get a Kerrang Radio Station on FM, it would be the West Midlands, where that sort of music can be found digging into the soil, laid in thick strata. But we're not sure its such a great idea as a format for a radio station. Sales at the magazine have started to slip as the modish popularity of its core music has waned, and we're not sure a station powered totally by rock is going to pick up enough non-hardcore fans to make it viable; to make it viable, it'll have to expand its playlist and thereby alienate those who championed it in the first place. We imagine that had the West Midlands FM licence come up for grabs now, rather than the process having started a while back, EMAP would have gone with the more flexible Q format. Which, we greatly suspect, is what the West Midlands will end up with, whether under that name or not. And at least it's not Kelvin McKenzie.

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