Thursday, October 16, 2003

NOW, THAT'S NUTTY: Darren H brings the following newsclipping from Mojo to our attention:

Tribute band Ultimate Madness has been asked to pay GBP500 for copying the group's 'Nutty Train' dance by Chas Smash's brother Brendan, who invented it in 1979. They've also been told to pay GBP100 every time they use it. The group countered that they only get GBP200 a gig and will seek legal advice.

Now, there are some mean-assed money grubbers, and then... there are some even more mean-assed money-grubbers. It's a bunch of people in a tight conga line, heavenhelpusbetsy - it's not like Brendan came up with the choreography for cats and has been ripped off. It's like Jerry Seinfeld claiming to have invented the umbrella twirl, isn't it? Five hundred quid and a hundred quid a throw? You could hire Fred Wedlock for that. (Yes you do, 'The Oldest Swinger in Town.' Oh, maybe you don't. Actually, just on a completely tangental point, on that list the bloke who coughed during Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Tecwen Whittock - and he's promoting himself as "the cougher." Isn't that making money off a crime for which you've been convicted?)

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