Wednesday, November 05, 2003

THE ATTEMPTED RESURRECTION OF TWEEDY: Cheryl 'Bruiser' Tweedy has started to do the career-salvaging circuit of interviews following her conviction for punching someone's lights out. "I'm sorry to the fans and to my family and the other girls that it ever happened. I'm sorry that I went out that night" she told Five Live. That's a whole heap of sorry right there, although she seems to have neglected to have apologised to Sophie Amogbokpa, whose face she used as a punchbag. "The fans, the girls, everyone's been so supportive, it's been unbelievable," she said. "They've took the time out to sit and write letters of support." Bless, they've tooked out the time. Why, exactly, are they offering support? At this difficult time of having been found guilty of an unprovoked violent assault? Yeah, we find that unbelievable, too, you know.

GMTV asked Tweedy if she accepted her conviction and she replied "Yes." They didn't think to ask her how come she and one of her band mates had come to be lying under oath about it, though, which seems like a spot of journalistic laxity.

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