Sunday, November 02, 2003

DELTA SKELTER: It would be incredibly cynical to suggest that the only reason Delta Goodrem won so many awards at the the ARIAs the other week was because of her beating cancer - certainly, without her comeback from the big C, it's hard to see what would have inspired anyone to give her seven prizes (on this basis, Natalie Imbruglia would have had to be awarded a giant golden statue of herself and allowed to have sex with anyone Australian she chose). Of course, the survival is good news all round, but it's lead to a wonderful spot of bother with her manager. It's now reached the point where he's taken to complaining bitterly about only getting the very briefest of mentions in the thank yous at the awards - Glenn Wheatley moans "I was not thanked properly at the ARIAs. That's a fact. And that didn't go unnoticed by the entire f---ing music industry. One cursory throwaway line: `Thanks, Glenn.' Who was that? Was that a Glenn? Was that the manicurist?" Erm... since you'd already had a massive falling out, I'd say it was probably over generous. Besides, shouldn't the real star of the night be those malignant little cells?

What makes this all doubly splendid is that Delta thinks Wheatley was spending too much time working on his other client's career: John Farnham. Even in the age of air travel, Australia remains a very, very far away land, doesn't it?

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