Tuesday, November 04, 2003

GIVING AUSTRALIA A MISS: Curious, isn't it, that Limp Bizkit haven't managed to schedule a single date in Australia as part of their South East Asia tour. Not the first time Limp have kept out the country, of course - you'll recall that Fred Durst only agreed to give evidence to the inquest into the death of a fifteen year old girl during their Big Day Out set via a videolink. It's almost as if Durst is scared of setting foot in the country (or "jurisdiction", to give it another name), isn't it? I'm sure that would have nothing to do with the coroner at that inquest calling his actions 'alarming and inflamatory', or Durst's attempts to try and shift the blame onto others despite the evidence of him encouraging the fans to goad the security guards who were struggling to help people caught in the crush. Or the extraordinary business of the claims that the band had been to visit to girl, Jessica Michalik, in hospital which were just lies? Or perhaps just the awkward question of why the band fled from the country instead of waiting round to help the investigations? None of that, I'm sure. It's probably just they couldn't find a venue.

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