Wednesday, November 05, 2003

HAR MAR VLADIVAR: Vladivar Vodka sign up Har Mar Superstar and, erm, a giant pink unicorn to try and promote their rather nice drink. While we don't begrudge HMS the chance to make a few bob off his comedy personna, we suspect this marks the end of anyone taking him seriously. It's like the moment when Al Murray signed up with Sky - the carefully created comedic alterego blown apart in the name of commerce.

Talking of HM, he also turned up at the Kelly Osbourne album 'launch' do (according to Popbitch). Now, we know that the album is really a pawn-move in a long-term game to get hold of the Black Sabbath back catalogue, but the turn out for its birthing - "her cousin Terry off the Salon, Har Mar Superstar, Chris out of Menswear, and er, I think that's it" - surely shows the games' up? You've more chance of reading a newspaper story about Royal Aide Michael Fawcett than seeing anyone buying a copy of whatever its called.

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