Wednesday, November 19, 2003

"IF I RAN FOR PRESIDENT/ AND ONCE WAS A MEMBER OF THE KLAN/ WOULDN'T YOU CALL ME ON IT/ THE WAY I CALL YOU ON FARRAKHAN"?: Almost as unlikely sounding as 'Tony Benn meets Saddam Hussein' and 'Patrick Kielty being allowed to interview anyone at all', Ja Rule and Louis Farrakhan have done their own little chat show. Rule claims it's all part of his desire to put an end to his tiff with 50 Cent (although Mr. Cent has already dismissed it as a 'stunt' - no fooling ole fifty, is there?). It's not exactly what you'd call a hard hitting interview; even Nigel Williamson's Blur piece looks ballsy compared to Farrakhan's line of questioning, but - if you could leave aside the queasy nature of some of Farrakhan's public statements - it's arguable that he is actually, genuinely trying to help here. We wonder if this means we can look forward to Richard Caborn wading in to try and settle the fued between Busted and Britney?

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