Monday, November 17, 2003

NOT THAT SHE'S BITTER, OR ANYTHING: How curious that Christina Aguilera should launch a tirade of abuse against Britney Spears. Britney, it seems, is not a "proper artist" and she needs "gimmicks" like kissing Madonna at the American MTV Music awards. Those of you with long memories might recall that Christina was not only also at those awards, but also on stage at the time and, oh yes, also planted a smacker on the lips of Maddy. And this, of course, might be the root of the sudden little burst of spite: "Just look at the way they [MTV] handled the kiss I had with Madonna. They didn't even screen my kiss properly - they cut away instead for a Justin Timberlake reaction shot. How predictable and how pathetic." Because, presumably, when Christina kissed Madonna, it was an artistically justified kiss rather than a slightly sad attempt to hijack publicity. So, the subtext is 'Christina pissed off that press focused on Britney snogging Madonna and completely ignored her" here, then; but is it any wonder? Christina has been trying to give off the impression that she gets humped, snogged, felt up and violated by anything that crosses into her path, so its understandable that 'slightly unclean girl kisses desperate hag' lost out in the headline race to 'We know she stopped with the virgin and the schoolgirl about three years back but even so Virgin Schoolgirl Type Snogs Madonna' angle.

But what makes Christina stamp her little feet even more is that it was her idea, dammit: She said she had suggested she kiss Britney before Madonna was booked to appear, but Spears refused and insisted on snogging Madonna instead. "I was up for it but she wasn't," said Aguilera. Apart from it not being such an inspired idea - Britney/Christina kissing has been a feature of internet fanfic writers since little Christina first waggled her training bra in a bid to keep up with the Britneybehemoth - of course Britney wasn't going to kiss you but jumped at the chance of Madonna, Christina. Does the phrase "looks like you might catch something" ring any bells here?

But it's not just Britney who Christina is pissed off with - the whole concept of the MTV America awards outrages her: Britney and people like her "aren't artists, they're just performers - fake and superficial, like the entire event."

Maybe the MTV awards are fake and superficial. Didn't stop Christina from pocketing a sizeable payday hosting the even-more-fake and considerably-more-superficial MTV Europe awards this month, did it?

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