Tuesday, November 18, 2003

NOTHING UP MY SLEEVES: Back when I was a mere slip of a thing, the art teacher would keep the class quiet for a weeks out of every term by getting us to produce a new sleeve design for an album. I did Heaven and Hell, not because I was a fan, but because it gave me an excuse to draw an angel and a devil, and i was good at both horns and wings. It was, of course, an exercise totally without merit, which produced nothing of lasting value besides freeing the art teacher up for a quick grope round the back of the hall with the sports master. It now turns out, though, that we should have kept tight hold of those dreadful twelve inch squares, as apparently they were proper art. We could shudder at the things done in the name of alternative record sleeve design, but Alan at the LNR Journal has beaten us to it. The Who one is going to give us nightmares tonight.

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