Monday, December 15, 2003

BET THEY WISH THEY'D BOOKED SINEAD, INSTEAD: It's always the same, you invite people round for a nice Christmas get together, and there's always one who spoils it for everyone else. Even at the Vatican, where Lauryn Hall broke off from doing stuff for an Italian TV Christmas Eve special to hurl abuse at the Catholic Church, saying that she'd not come to celebrate Christ's birth but to ask why his death isn't mourned (we're not theologians, but we think we have an answer for that) before going on to list the Chruch's failings (which, being the Catholic Church, took a while) and telling people to seek blessings "from God not men."

Organisers say it's "likely" her outburst will be cut from the televised version of the event, which is a pity, as it'd be certain to pull the viewers in. We're expecting the smell of copies of That Thing roasting on an open fire to start drifting northwards across the Alps by lunchtime.

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