Sunday, December 14, 2003

FURTHER COMMENTS FROM ALAN C: It almost feels as if we're taking advantage of a man on a coffee high, but... here's a couple of pieces from Alan: First, in response to the Myleene Klass-ical stuff:

What exactly does "edgy" mean? And in what sense is the pop world "edgy"? Is she suggesting that the classical world gets some computers to work out the components of commercially-succesful products and endlessly reshuffle them into new units? Or does she have in her head someone saying "you know, I stopped on this channel to look at that girl's knickers and knockers, but I'm actually really starting to enjoy these Lieder"? As for the "composers are rock 'n' roll" angle, the best Myleene could do is to front a Ken Russell retrospective on Channel 5. Seriously.
(Also, I'm a bit fascinated by Bond)

and then, on downloads:

I'm excited about the ingenious approach Warp are planning for
where you pay a pound or whatever and you get a track. No DRM, no
restrictions, no package deals, no fuss, no muss. You know: it might catch

But can you really imagine the newly-merged SonyBMG people sleeping soundly knowing people might copy their tracks onto countless mix CDs?

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