Tuesday, December 30, 2003

THEY TRIED TO CATCH A FALLING STAR/ THINKING THAT SHE HAD GONE TOO FAR: Something that will provide a spot of schadenfreude comfort for Victoria Beckham when she fails to get the number one slot in the slowest week of the pop year are the reports that even the one of the Spice Girls who can sing is in serious trouble. Many footballers have had their careers scuppered by a leg injury, but surely Mel C is the first pop star ever to be dropped because she'd buggered her knee?.

Meanwhile, Emma Bunton claims her last single was inspired by German Porn Film soundtracks. "When I hear it, I hear something different from everyone else" she giggles. Although since the only people who still follow her career are - shall we say - men of a certain passion, I wouldn't be too sure, Ems.

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