Sunday, January 18, 2004

ANOTHER MORRISSEY STORY: Mozzer is boycotting the IAMS petfood company (which we guess means he doesn't feed his cat on brocolli any more), following reports from Peta that the food which makes your dogs and cats seem so much younger has been developed at the cost of the lives and comfort of other animals. Peta claims at least 27 dogs were killed at an IAMS contract lab, while others died of untreated illness. A long list of other jolly pieces of behaviour included dogs and cats being caged up, dogs having their vocal cords cut, kittens being washed down drains and the force feeding of dogs with tubes of vegetable oil, as would happen in the wild. IAMS, of course, deny that any such things happen. But we imagine that won't be enough to send Morrissey back to the petfood aisle.

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