Tuesday, January 27, 2004

ANYONE CAN MAKE A MISTAKE: MTV Dance experienced a bit of a cock-up on the onscreen channel identification front, apparently calling its audience "fuckers" by mistake. According to the first edition of the Programme Complaints Bulletin from new enormo-regulator OfCom, at some point during the afternoon of November 26th, the usual onscreen "DOG" fell off the channel, and somehow, upon manual re-insertion, the "wrong graphic" got stuck in. Unfortunately, it said "Fuckers", which does raise the questions how could someone not realise that that wasn't the name of the channel, and, more to the point, why would MTV have a DOG with that on sitting about on its system anyway? Is Viacom planning to launch channels in competition with Richard Desmond's all-tits services further up the Sky EPG? Anyway, MTV Dance apologised repeatedly on air, it was all a genuine mistake, and, hey, what's important is we learn and grow, isn't it?

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