Friday, January 23, 2004

DASH IT ALL: Damon Dash, friend of Victoria Beckham is apparently sick of being constantly linked to the wife of the England footballer. Dash, who produced Victoria Beckham's recent floppy single, fumed out loud at the way despite everything else that he's done, people only seem to have heard of him because of the work he did with the former Spice Girl. Dash - who mentored Posh Spice's botched move into dance music - seems to think there's some sort of shame that he's become little more than another part of the Beckham court. Unfortunately, his outburst came when one of the other things he does, promoting SAS, blew up in his face - the hiphop duo failed to show up for the big press conference he'd arranged for them. They'd probably found out that Victoria wasn't going to turn up.

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