Tuesday, January 06, 2004

DRAWING ON THEIR BEST ASSETS: Well, we stand corrected - we'd assumed that Tatu's life was going to be continued through a series of stunts taking place well off camera, like their tilt at the Russian Presidency. But it turns out that other great stand by of a franchise which has lost its actors - turning to animation - is being utilised for the comeback. Jannyanko emails us with more:

there'll always be a place for tAtU... well, apparently. if anyone thought their particular ploy wasn't tailor-made for the Japanese market, well, they're quite seriously deluded.
Check it out- there's going to be a tAtU anime. The official site is linked below, and mentions that it's to be a movie, which seems to be some sort of sci-fi/magical girls type thing, from the description. The character designs don't look bad, at least.

There were, of course, plans being laid to keep the Buffy world flowing by using poorly-drawn stand-ins; and that cartoon version of Star Trek wasn't too bad - although we never quite worked out who the goat-like man was meant to be in that. Choosing Japan as a target market seems equally shrewd - a country where Shampoo are still worshipped as goddesses* is probably going to be a good bet for Tatu.

On the other hand, cartoon lesbian lumpen-punk is a genre that's already achieved its apex. And Tatu are no Maggie and Hopey.

* - I know in my heart that Shampoo probably don't mean anything in Japan, and probably never meant very much at all; I suspect that young people in Tokyo are told similar tales about Shonen Knife's popularity in the United Kingdom to the ones we were spun about Shampoo's fabulous life in Japan. But it's a nice fiction, isn't it?

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