Monday, January 19, 2004

GROGAN AGAIN: Altered Images albums are being re-released on CD, with bonus material being slapped on to tempt those of us who've got the vinyl versions and might be bristling at shelling out again:

Happy Birthday
Released 26/01/04 - Diablo - cat no DIAB8048
1. Intro: Happy Birthday
2. Love And Kisses
3. Real Toys
4. Idols
5. Legionnaire
6. Faithless
7. Beckoning Strings
8. Happy Birthday
9. Midnight
10. A Day's Wait
11. Leave Me Alone
12. Insects
13. Outro: Happy Birthday
Bonus Tracks

1. Dead Pop Stars
2. Sentimental
3. Who Cares?
4. Happy Birthday [12" Dance Mix]
5. So We Go (Whispering)
6. Jeepster

Pinky Blue
Released 26/01/04 - Diablo - cat no DIAB8049
1. Pinky Blue
2. See Those Eyes
3. Forgotten
4. Little Brown Head
5. See You Later
6. Song Sung Blue
7. Funny Funny Me
8. Think That It Might
9. I Could Be Happy [12" Dance Mix]
10. Jump Jump
11. Goodnight And I Wish
Bonus Tracks

1. I Could Be Happy [7" Version]
2. Insects
3. Disco Pop Stars
4. Happy New Year - Real Toys [New Version]
5. See Those Eyes [12" Dance Mix]
6. How About Then (I Missed The Train)
7. Pinky Blue [12" Dance Mix]
8. Jump Jump - Think That It Might [Segued 12" Dance Mix]

So some nice things there - obviously Bite (the one with Clare goes Audrey Hepbrun on the cover) will be planned to follow; and as far as we know this is the first time Dead Pop Stars has been released on CD (we could be wrong) - so it's all very attractive indeed. Let's hope Diablo are working on whoever currently is sitting on the Clare Grogan solo album...

For Altered Images and Clare Grogan related email debates, you could do worse than choose the clare grogan fetish society

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