Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"I HAD THAT CHRIS MARTIN IN THE BACK OF MY CAB THE OTHER DAY...": A nice little tale from Mark E Smith:

"I got this taxi in America, and I always say I'm a building engineer if anybody asks, though I told this particular driver I was a sound engineer.
And he said, 'How's business?' and I said, 'It's alright apart from musicians.' And he goes, 'It's funny you should say that because I picked up three guys the other day, three British guys like you, and they were going on about 25 per cent this and 25 per cent that and five per cent this and they looked pretty scruffy.'
So he got them to where they were going and said, 'Have a good day, hope you have a good stockbroker meeting,' and they go, 'What's that? We're Coldplay!' And he goes to me, 'Have you heard of Coldplay?' I said, 'Yeah, they're big in Britain.' And he said, 'I thought they were fucking three fucking stockbrokers.' And I said, 'You're damn right.'"

This sounds likely enough, although we're wondering how many taxi drivers ask Mark E Smith anything, beyond "You know there's a fifty quid clean-up charge for this cab, pal?"

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