Friday, January 23, 2004

THE JACKSON STORIES KEEP COMING: We've only got his word for it, but Alan Masada, the highest profile member of the possibly-abused child's entourage, claims he's been receiving death threats. In a wide ranging interview, he also claimed that "representatives" of Jackson took the p-a c's mom's passport away when she was in Neverland and threatened to have her deported (clearly, the assumption was that Neverland was an independent state, like Vatican City or Andorra, and the law of the Jacko applied there.) He also reveals that it was he who brought Michael and the p-a c together. P-a c had been told he'd only a few weeks to live, and so Masada tried to organise his last wish. Which was to meet Michael Jackson. And Chris Tucker. And Adam Sandler. Which sounds like three last wishes to us - and an odd set. Jackson sticks out like a sore thumb there; we're imagining the kid was thinking "okay, got two of my heroes down. Maybe I should add that old guy who's got his own fairground... Jack Michaels or whoever..." If only he'd used his last slot for J-Lo, this whole unhappy episode might have been avoided.

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