Friday, January 30, 2004

KITS SPLIT: Noooooooooo! Just when we needed them most, Atomic Kitten have announced they're calling it a day, mainly because Natasha has decided she wants to spend more time with her family. We're sure that seeing Kerry Katona getting more press than they do has probably helped swing the decision, plus the slowly dwindling sales graph. But you have to tip your hat to them - for a band who had been dropped and whose label had to sramble to pick them back up again, they've not done badly, and they've been able to have the luxury of choosing the date of their own destruction. Of course, they've not had a decent single to slaughter since they kicked Andy McLuskey into touch, and they never quite rose to the levels of the songs they were attempting - we're still waiting for someone to release a properly performed cover of Whole Again and clean up - but you can't take the pile of records they've sold away from them.

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