Wednesday, January 28, 2004

LOCAL GIRL WRITES LETTER: We're not quite sure how quiet is Hunstville, Alabama, but their local news channel sends out a camera crew because an eight grader got a letter in the paper. They're impressed with her bold, brave stance, bravely saying that getting married and then getting your wedding annulled isn't, you know, cool:

"My name is Jordan Stephens, and I am an eighth-grader at Huntsville Middle School. I recently read an article about Britney Spears’ so-called “quickie” marriage. She impulsively married a longtime friend with little, or no, thought about what she was doing.
No one knew, not her friends or even more importantly, her family. After only a few hours of being married, she had already filed for an annulment.
Spears may think that she is a role model for thousands of people around the world. Her Las Vegas “marriage” showed that she is a famous pop star with poor judgment. Spears made marriage look like a joke. That is not correct.
One set of my grandparents is coming up on their 65th wedding anniversary later this year. The other set has been married for 52 years. My parents have been married for 17 years. These 134 years of commitment tell me that marriage is no joke.
Spears is no role model for marriage or for me. I’ll take my parents and grandparents any day.

Yeah, and when gramps releases a pop song as great as Oops I Did It Again, so will we. It's about time someone stood up and slapped Britney down for this - apparently, since her drunken slip, literally tens of thousands of teenagers have been turning up at Las Vegas, getting married and then seeking annulments, just like Britney. Damn those role models.

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