Tuesday, January 20, 2004

PALACE OF GLITTERING DELIGHTS: Bonnie "Prince" Billy is readying a kind of best-of album, Greatest Palace Songs, which will be a bunch of his best songs (determined "Bob Says Opportunity Knocks" style through a popular vote) re-recorded and given a general buffing. Tracklist in full is 01 New Partner; 02 Ohio River Boat Song; 03 Gulf Shores; 04 You Will Miss Me When I Burn; 05 The Brute Choir; 06 I Send My Love to You; 07 More Brother Rides; 08 Agnes, Queen of Sorrow; 09 Viva Ultra; 10 Pushkin; 11 Horses; 12 Riding; 13 West Palm Beach; 14 No More Workhorse Blues; 15 I Am a Cinematographer. A must-have for everyone who likes beards.

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