Monday, January 26, 2004

SORRY, LOVE, WE NEVER PAY FOR IT: If you're a fan of George Michael, but don't really want to have to get involved with seedy, unseemly visits to 'record shops' to hand over money in return for something to satisfy your strange tastes, ggod news: George Michael has made his new single 'Amazing' available as a pre-release download thang. The more cautious amongst you might notice that the half-bearded one is charging a frankly shocking two quid for what appears to be just one track. And it might just be us, but we can't actually see what format we're meant to be forking the money out for here. Clearly, the pitch for the return to Sony was: "this time, Yog, instead of us ripping you off, we'll combine and rip off everyone else."

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