Monday, January 05, 2004

STRANGE TALES: Jon Voight - the one from Midnight Cowboy, not the dentists - saves unamed rock star's daughter. It's not entirely clear what he saved her from - she was crying by the side of the road on a foul Christmas Eve in Beverley Hills, he pulled over and persuaded her to go home. So far, so "Coming up on Hallmark Channel". Except, of course, that it was apparently okay for the girl to get in the car with a strange man because "he told her he was a well-known actor with kids of his own." We're not convinced that someone telling us that would make us go "Ah... so you're not going to drive off into the Hollywood Hills and dismember my body, then."

The Sunday Mirror attempts to hide the child's identity, but... 16 year old daughters of British rock stars who live with their mothers in Beverley Hills... how many are there?

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