Saturday, January 31, 2004

UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP ACCUSED OF DECEIT: Yeah, we know that record labels get called a lot, for a lot of things, but this time Def Jam is being sued in New York for fixing the album charts. According to her case, sales exexcutive Theressa Rossi was forced to front a promotion company, Giaco Entertainment, designed to inflate Def Jam's sale figures by perusading merchants to repeatedly scan cds barcodes in front of the Nielsen sale counter machines. Giaco offered bribes in the form of free CDs, it's alleged, and backed up the sweeteners with warnings of delayed shipments for shops which refused to play ball. The president of Giaco Entertainment, Joe Giaco has been named as defendant alongside Universal, Def Jam and Def Jam execs Kevin Liles and Mignon Espy.

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