Tuesday, January 27, 2004

WE'RE NOT YOUNG/ ANY MORE/ OUR PROG PHASE/ PROVED A BORE/ WE RELEASE GREATEST HITS/ AND IT'S ALRIGHT: A young No Rock once stood in a bar in Oxford chatting to an even younger member of the Jennifers who was wearing a big, shapeless brown pullover and was so endearingly shy you could have just eaten him without whipping cream and chocolate sauce. And if you'd told us then that Supergrass would still be going after a decade, we'd have said "Who are Supergrass?", and then you'd have explained they were the band who The Jennifers would transmute into within eighteen months, and we'd have made some sniffy remark about naming yourself after Comic Strip movies and wandered off. But, regardless of this, Supergrass have made it to the ten year mark and are celebrating with a Best Of and plans for a DVD compilation this year.

Incidently, was it just us or did Jack Black look like he was auditioning for a part in Supergrass at the Golden Globes? Not that he looked half as bad as Johnny Depp and Diane Keaton, who seemed to have come in fancy dress as the tramps from Doonesbury.

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