Thursday, February 19, 2004

FIRST RULE OF COMEDY, SPIKE...: Girls Aloud are, apparently, working away hard putting together a second album, but are - we're informed by their over-excited mailout - going to take a break to play some UK dates. And what venues will be rocking to the Sound of the Underground? The Royal Albert Hall, perhaps, or the Millennium Centre, Cardiff? Nope, Girls Aloud are going to be playing Butlins, Minehead. Now, it's true that the Sugababes are booked to play Butlins as well, but they at least have a red coat of dignity as the week is billed as "Sugababes at Bognor" and support comes from not-too-rubbish names: Javine, Peter Fame Academy, Alistair Fame Academy. Okay, not perhaps McCartney and Jagger, but you could at least close your eyes and pretend it's a really basic festival. Girls Aloud, meanwhile, have their 'event' billed as "Half Term weekend" - you have to poke about a bit to find them, and they're sharing the stage with Spangles The Clown, Captain Clueless and "Comedy from Paul Lavent." It's unclear if Cheryl Tweedy will be taking part in the promised wrestling, but Nadine is a safe bet to judge the who can put the most spaghetti down their trousers comepetition. No Rock can't hear you... hi-de-hi...

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