Tuesday, February 17, 2004

(INEVITABLY) CAT FIGHT: There's no sight more frightening to man, beast or god than two scouse women going at it hammer and tongs - we still think that Sheila Grant and Doreen Corkhill's ding-dong over Billy knocks your bog standard dalek moment into one of the special cocked hats for behind the sofa moments. And now the claws-out moment to end all claws-out moments is erupting, as it's Kitten versus Kitten. Jenny Frost is fuming, spitting and raging with Kerry McFadden because, right, Kerry said, right when she was in the jungle, right, that she was treated badly by Atomic Kitten when they never, they saw her right and that bitch says that Jenny was just miming to her singing on Whole Again and she never.

In a wonderful dim moment, Jenny is angry that Kerry told the other junglies that she was a founder member of the group - "That's rubbish. Liz McLarnon started the band with Kerry - it was never just Kerry's band." Erm, so Kerry would have been, um, a founder member then? (Although we're a little bit puzzled, what with how they were a band put together by Andy McLuskey and all).

Meanwhile, the band are approaching their final date before "resting" - Jenny warns people going to see them ""Don't expect us to either sing in tune or get the words out right - because we're all going to be crying on stage." Jenny, love, I think you'll find very few people go to see Atomic Kitten expecting to hear anyone singing in tune at any time.

In other meanwhile news, Kerry Chipshop has really got loads to thank Max Clifford for. Not only did he get her that gig promoting Britain's seventh or ninth most popular brand of pasta sauce, but he also has really taken great steps to help her with that TV presentation career: managing to turn her right round from a massive ratings success to getting a walk-on part delivering pork balls to Rik Waller on the tanking Back To Reality on Channel Five. That doesn't make her look like a desperate one tick pony at all, Max.

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