Saturday, February 28, 2004

'JACKSON INNOCENT' SAYS JACKSON FRIEND: Videographer Christian Robinson claims that he shot a film where the boy at the centre of the Michael Jackson kiddie-fiddie claims denied anything had ever happened. Robinson says he interviewed the boy and his family on-camera shortly after the Bashir/Tonight documentary, asking them numerous times if Michael had sexually abused the boy. Everyone was very firm in saying no, he reports - although, of course, at this point it's not impossible the boy hadn't told anyone else; in which case he'd hardly be likely to announce it on camera straight away.

What's curious, though, is that Jacko's then-official cameraman put so much effort in to filming a video to deny something that Bashir had never actually accused Jackson of; almost as if they were preparing a denial of a totally different allegation they were expecting.

Asked if the film just showed a family sticking to a script, Robinson is vehement:

"I will tell you this, the family was not coached. The family was incredibly passionate, not just the accuser and his family, but the other two siblings. There were tears, they were holding hands, they were talking about Jesus and God and Michael as the ultimate father figure."

Which is frightening on quite a lot of levels - there's a family putting a lot of trust in a pop star.

A further oddity is that while Robinson is very clear about the 'jacko never put his peepee near me' material, asked about the sleepovers, he starts to sound very vague indeed. Curious, that.

In other deposed King of Pop news, Michael has been pulled over outside a wal-Mart in Colorado because he was wearing a mask. Police presumably thought he might have been Osama Bin Laden; he removed the mask, and was allowed to continue on his way. Although, with the speed his face is collapsing, we'd have thought people would have had more luck identifying Jacko with a face mask than without.

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