Wednesday, February 25, 2004

MORE CAMPAIGN NEWS: We hear that fans of Angel, the vamp-with-a-soul show recently cancelled by the WB to make room for more programmes with girls in bikinis in, are planning an attack on American MTV's TRL. Their devious scheme is to encourage supporters wanting to keep the show on the air to ring in and get a specific song played every day next week. Their list reads:

Monday- March 1- Train- Calling All Angels
Tuesday- March 2- Aerosmith- Angel
Wednesday- March 3- Shaggy- Angel
Thursday- March 4- Dido- White Flag
Friday- March 5- Mandy- Barry Manilow

Now, you might think that any cause that encourages people to get that bunch of tracks played deserves to spend an eternity in Wolfram and Hart's vaults, but it'd be a shame for the show to disappear. How many programmes can have a character deliver a line like "sex with robots is more common than you might imagine"? (Oh, and Thursday's song features David Boreanaz in the video; Friday's song, as afficiandos will recognise, is the song Angel sang when he had his character read by The Host.)

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