Thursday, February 26, 2004

SCOTT-LEE TOO FAR GONE: The former member of Steps are finding life as solo artists much harder going than back in the day when all they had to do was smile a bit and keep in time with each other on the dance moves - now Lisa Scott-Lee has been dumped by Mecury because of record sales. There weren't any, in other words.

Lisa is putting a brave face on it, expecting her album to come out on an independent label:

"There are times in life when you have to move on, I have got some great new tracks and it's probably best all round if I find a new home for my music. I am getting married in August and will probably bring my album out around the same time. I've asked my manager for three weeks off around the wedding but he is really tough - so I guess I'll have a three-day honeymoon. I am happy and I am strong and feeling very positive about my future."

It's odd that her manager isn't going to let her take three weeks off for her wedding - we're wondering what, exactly, he's got in the diary for August that can't be shifted - a farm that really needs its tractors being given a good going over with wire wool before harvest, perhaps, or did he have to say "Lisa, the campers won't throw themselves in the pool, you know?"

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