Friday, February 27, 2004

THERE'S A SIMPSONS MOMENT FOR EVERY HAPPENING: In the episode where the Simpsons house is given a mobile phone mast, Lisa and Homer visit a museum. Lisa is delighted to see Abe Lincoln's hat, while Homer is more taken with Fonzie's leather jacket. Lisa's reaction is that the idea of putting an item of clothing from a TV character into a museum is ridiculous, and clearly, we're meant to agree with her.

Now, join us back in real life, where Clay Aiken's shirt and pants are being displayed in the North Carolina Museum of History - that's right, of History. It's not even the pants he was wearing when he won the American Idol final; it's just a costume from earlier in the series - presumably the Smithsonian had already nabbed his victory trousers.

But if we put pop stars trousers into museums, what will be left for the Hard Rock Cafe?

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